BAT 251

Battery service, BAT 251

Mobile starting assistance - for starting large diesel engines.

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Bosch Open Innovation platform

Bosch Open Innovation platform

  • Product info
    • Mobile starting assistance with intelligent electronics protection for 12 V vehicle electrical systems, for starting large diesel engines even at extreme sub-zero temperatures
    • Starting assistance with no interference and voltage peaks
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Mobile starting assistance
    • Back-up mode up to 50 A
    • Starting possible even with battery removed or defective
    • Protection against overcharging / exhaustive discharge

    Part number: 0 687 000 021

  • Technical data

    Technical data: BAT 251
    Battery nominal voltage 12 V
    Mains voltage 100V 230V
    Starting assistance current 1400 A
    Battery jumper cable cross-section 25 mm²
    Battery jumper cable length 2 m
    Weight 26.4 kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 216 x 405 x 277 mm
    Safety class (DIN 40530) II
    Charging status display
    Reverse polarity and fault indicator
    Starting without battery/with exhaustively discharged battery After manual release
    Electronics protection
    Reverse polarity protection
    Overload protection
    Back-up mode
    Starting assistance

  • Accessories

    Trolley (1 688 003 196)

  • Scope of delivery

    Part number: 0 687 000 021

    • BAT 251
    • Basic unit including battery jumper cables
    • 220 V charging cable